How are we different?

1. Special status

Be one of the very few freelancers we help each month. Get 100% of our attention and care.

2. Dedicated consultancy

Get a dedicated consultant that will communicate with you, to ensure that you will get a remarkable website, connected to your exact needs and wants.

3. Be part of the process

Decide the ideal design and functionality for your website, see the progress in real time and get the final result as you need it.

4. Your new website

Get a great start or restart for your brand, visibility and sales with a responsive website, entirely based on WordPress, optimized for all browsers and screens, including tablets and smart phones. Get a product that represents who you are and what you want to achieve, both short term and long term.

5. Safe delivery

Get your site up and running plus a complete backup with all the web and visual products we made for you. From now on you are ready to promote your website to those clients who trust and care about you.

6. Make changes easily

Get an intuitive, friendly, easy to use and solid content management system, so you can add, edit or delete content on your website, whenever you want, even if you don't have technical skills. If you don't want to do it yourself, we can take care of everything.

7. Hosting and customized tools

Website domain, hosting, security, opt-ins, speed and more website tools to make sure your customers get the experience they need.

8. Visual identity

A new logo, visual identity for your website, high quality images, printable materials - all crafted strategically, so you create the right type of connection with your ideal customers.

9. Caring customer support

The moments when your website is not working correctly and you have no one to fix it are over. Get specialized help from someone who will respond kindly to your request and solve problems fast.

Why should you decide today?

Why should you decide today?

We are not the biggest firm out there, but we care big time. We value novelty, joy, freedom and human connection. The best part for us would be interacting with you and deliverying. The best part for you would be a website that can grow your personal brand, drive more visibility and sales. Plus, you get our customer support offered with care, so your clean, responsive WordPress website will always work and look like a beauty.

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